Select a chandelier or a stove that no one has and never gonna have!


 In Antique Bílkova you can find a great selection of unique antique chandeliers of all

artistic styles. From Baroque Flemish chandeliers to beautiful Art Nouveau lights.

Every chandelier in our store is unique and incomparable. Our chandeliers will bring

you happiness, you can endlessly admire their details, proving todays outstanding

crafting skills of their manufacturers. Every chandelier has its fascinating story.


The second speciality of Antique Bílkova are the antique stoves, primarily the richly

decorated American stoves. Not only do they warm your heart with their design, but

they also warm your house.


Visit us and don’t fear the prices! You will be kindly astonished. Furthermore, you can

be sure that the prices of chandeliers and stoves will only rise. Our antiquities aren’t

only functional and decorative tools, but they are also a convenient investment.


All chandeliers and stoves in our store are fully remastered, so they work.


Photo’s have been taken in our store. Come and look at the pleasant atmosphere in our

butique. Surely, you will love our offer at first glance! Our chandeliers will light up and

our stoves will warm your house. They will be the golden pin of your interior.